Loan Bazaaar

About Us


Loan Bazaaar was founded in 2012. The founder of the company is well well-known businessman NAVDEEP TAKKAR. The aim of the company is to make personal finance decisions easy, transparent and convenient for small and medium Businessmen, individuals and firms. We are authorized channel partners of private banks & NBFCs. Through technology and data innovations, along with a lot of hard work, we intend to make complex decisions simple for you. We deal in Business loans, Home loans, Loans against property, Car loans, Car-Re-Finance loans, Personal loans, Overdraft limits, Machinery loans and Cash credit loans.

Our vision and mission are to help people with the required loans to fulfil their wishes and needs. We help them to enhance their financial hand. We have experienced and supporting staff that helps to fulfil your Financial requirements.

Get all types of loans quickly and with ease
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